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Spring Is In The Air, And In Our Wine Glasses

by | Mar 29, 2018 | Blog, market

We take wine very seriously at The String Bean, and it shows in our 690 plus choices we currently carry at our location. We’ve also won five consecutive Wine Spectator Awards and are looking forward to seeing if we win again this year.

Basically, we know our wine. And that’s why we’re sharing some of our favorite wines for spring with you in this blog post.

  1. Beyond Sauvignon Blanc

This wine is crafted by Bayton in South Africa and is packed with tones of passion fruit, melon, kiwi and lime. It’s known for its mineral and herbal edge often found in cooler climate sauvignon blancs and is a refreshing wine to have alongside some grilled chicken at your first barbeque of the season. We’ve got the 2017 vintage on our shelves for you to pick up on your way home or with dinner at our restaurant.

  1. Villa Pozzi Pinot Grigio

Nothing says spring to us like fruity and fresh, and those are the exact words to describe the 2016 vintage of the Villa Pozzi Pino Grigio. This Sicilian wine has tones of lemon, white peach and pear with some finishing notes of stone fruits and flowers. This is a very bright wine and is perfect alongside some seafood or vegetable dishes. The fact that this wine is fermented in stainless steel tanks ensures a fresh, crisp flavor perfect to awaken our pallet for spring!

  1. Corvidae Ravenna Riesling

Straight out of Yakima Valley, Wisconsin comes Corvidae’s Ravenna Riesling, a bright, aromatic wine that was cold fermented to keep those flavors. You’ll taste stone fruits, gingersnaps and honey in this 2016 vintage. And let’s be honest, Rieslings usually go great with any type of food, so this wine is perfect for versatile uses.

  1. Riondo Prosecco Spilt

Sparkly wine in the spring is a must-have. The bubbles, much like the spring weather, is so refreshing after months of pinot noirs and cabernets. The Riondo Prosecco Split from Veneto, Italy has light hints of pear and aromatics and is delicious alongside a hearty pasta dinner.

  1. Lincourt Courtney’s Chardonnay

This unoaked chardonnay will have you dreaming of a tropical beach vacation with its fruit undertones. You’ll taste orange blossom, honey, tart green apple, pineapple, vanilla wafer and hazelnut. These flavors combine perfectly in this 2014 vintage for a crisp and sweet taste.

Still not quite sure what to get? When you stop by, ask for our Wine Director, Bryant “Pops” Helton. He’s our resident “wine guy” and is the person who handles ordering all of our wines and beers at The String Bean.

Pops has been tasting wine and working closely with wineries since we first opened in 2008 and can often be found hanging around in the wine and beer shop, waiting to make a recommendation or find the perfect vintage to go with your dinner. He’s one of the many reasons we’ve been recognized for our wine selection so many times.

Now, let’s all raise a glass to spring!

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