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Holiday Wine Tasting Monday December 10th and Wine Events

On December 10th, 2018, The String Bean is hosting its Annual Holiday Wine Tasting, especially fun for “wine-shoppers” looking for gift ideas or great quality and/or value wine selections to enjoy during winter holidays.  This is a “come-and-go” event between the...

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New Menu Items!

Once a year, The String Bean gets everyone together to create some new dishes to update our menu with. This year we’ve added several appetizers, a pizza and brought back a fan favorite from way back in the day. In total we’ve added 9 new items to our menu, and we...

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Join us this fall for wine tastings and special dinners

One of the things we love doing at The String Bean is sharing our love of good wine and food.  Join "Pops Helton', our director of wine, one or more of the wine events scheduled for the fall and into the holiday season.  Date are as follows: Monday Oct 1st - Fall Wine...

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The String Bean Honored for Wine Selection

The String Bean is proud to announce the winning of its sixth consecutive Wine Spectator Award! More specifically, we’ve won the Best of Award of Excellence. This will be the fourth year in a row we’ve won this exact award. The Wine Spectator Awards are given annually...

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Great Event Venues near String Bean

Why travel all the way into Charlotte when Belmont has a plethora of event venues for weddings, corporate parties, large meetings, conferences, family reunions and more. We always get asked about great local vendors when working with Belmont catering clients, so we’ve...

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Frequently Asked Catering Questions

If you’re searching for a caterer for an event you’re hosting, you probably have a lot of questions. We sure would! The food at your event can make or break it, so we take that responsibility seriously. We want you to pepper us with questions until you’re satisfied...

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Spring Is In The Air, And In Our Wine Glasses

We take wine very seriously at The String Bean, and it shows in our 690 plus choices we currently carry at our location. We’ve also won five consecutive Wine Spectator Awards and are looking forward to seeing if we win again this year. Basically, we know our wine. And...

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Belmont’s Gourmet Meat and Seafood Market

You don’t have to be a foodie to know that String Bean is the place to go for a fabulous lunch or dinner. But, did you know that String Bean is also the home of a gourmet market, perfect for picking up all the components of a delicious dinner at home? “People come in...

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Five Winter Beers To Try

We love that the changing seasons bring us different styles of beers to enjoy. There’s nothing like turning to some dark, malty beers for a few months after a summer of light, hoppy beer. The rich flavors and higher ABV make for the perfect beer to survive the dreary...

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Holidays With The String Bean

If you’re anything like me, you love being the host of parties, but you hate cooking. I adore having family over for the holidays and for big dinners, but I’ll be the first to admit that you probably don’t want me cooking your food. I’m no good in the kitchen....

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The String Bean

Winner of six Wine Spectator awards for excellence, enjoyed by the President of the United States at a local appearance at Freightliner and frequented by patrons we call friends, both local and out of town, The String Bean is one of those places that we hope sticks with you and brings you back time and time again.