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Five Winter Beers To Try

by | Jan 30, 2018 | Blog, market

We love that the changing seasons bring us different styles of beers to enjoy. There’s nothing like turning to some dark, malty beers for a few months after a summer of light, hoppy beer. The rich flavors and higher ABV make for the perfect beer to survive the dreary winter.

Our beer market in Belmont is one of the most extensive around, with over 200 beers from local sources and from breweries all over the world. We get so excited when we get to bring in a brand new beer to our customers that they can enjoy right at our restaurant with dinner or that they can pick up while they create a “craft your own six pack.”

With over 200 choices, where should you begin? That’s where we can help. We came up with five beers we think you should try before winter ends here at The String Bean. Get ready to crack open a wintery cold one.

  1. Highland Black Mocha Stout

This American Stout is the perfect thing for chocolate lovers. Created by Highland Brewing in Raleigh, it has a robust chocolate flavor with coffee tones and a malty body. This is considered a sweet stout and is often enjoyed as an after dinner libation or alongside some dessert.  ABV is 5 percent.

  1. NoDa Coco Loco Porter

Chocolate and coconut is one of our favorite winter combinations, and the two come together perfectly in the NoDa Coco Loco Porte. We’re proud to carry this 2012 winner of the Great American Beer Festival Silver Medal in our beer market. ABV is 6.2 percent.

  1. Olde Mecklenburg Brewery’s Bauern Bock

This limited release beer is a deep amber color with a rich and malty taste that resembles caramel apples. We aren’t sure how much longer we’ll have this beer available because OMB is only selling it for a month or two, so stop by for a glass soon! ABV is 8 percent.

  1. Young’s Double Chocolate Stout

A delicious dark beer with real dark chocolate in it? Sign us up! This beer is rich but isn’t overly sweet, making it a winner in our eyes. ABV is 5.2 percent.

  1. Founders Dirty Bastard Scotch Style Ale

If you’re looking for a winter beer that will knock your socks off with its taste and alcohol by volume percentage, you’ve found it in this one. This beer is brewed with seven different varieties of imported malts. Like Founders Brewing Co. says, “this ain’t for the wee lads.” ABV is 8.5 percent.