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Belmont’s Gourmet Meat and Seafood Market

You don’t have to be a foodie to know that String Bean is the place to go for a fabulous lunch or dinner. But, did you know that String Bean is also the home of a gourmet market, perfect for picking up all the components of a delicious dinner at home? “People come in...

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Five Winter Beers To Try

We love that the changing seasons bring us different styles of beers to enjoy. There’s nothing like turning to some dark, malty beers for a few months after a summer of light, hoppy beer. The rich flavors and higher ABV make for the perfect beer to survive the dreary...

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Holidays With The String Bean

If you’re anything like me, you love being the host of parties, but you hate cooking. I adore having family over for the holidays and for big dinners, but I’ll be the first to admit that you probably don’t want me cooking your food. I’m no good in the kitchen....

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Catering to your whims

We’ve all been there: you’re in charge of hosting the upcoming family reunion/work event/bridal shower/soccer party, and we all know the most important thing is the food. You certainly don’t want to cook for all those people yourself – the number of dishes it would take is in itself daunting. Maybe you can do a potluck, but you risk repeat dishes or people not bringing anything at all.

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Seven Oaks Café to open at McLean

The McLean community located on Lake Wylie adjacent to Daniel Stowe Botanical Garden is adding a restaurant to compliment its neighborhoods currently under development. Seven Oaks Café will open this fall in the historic John Davidson McLean house on Armstrong Road, a house that is on the Gaston County Historic Register and one that was renovated in 2014 and reopened early in 2015.

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The String Bean will soon add another location in Shelby

We are pleased to announce that The String Bean will be opening a new location in the heart of Uptown Shelby across from the Earl Scruggs Center. We are in the midst of renovating a 15,000 square foot building that will include a market and dining on the main level...

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Where to find inspired dining beyond the beltway

Inside the Charlotte city limits, you can find just about any type of restaurant to suit your mood and taste. Happily, the vibrant food scene doesn’t stop inside the Interstate 485 loop. Thoughtful, local, chef-driven restaurants have sprung up in neighboring towns and suburbs, meaning you won’t need to head uptown for that next great dining experience.

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The String Bean

Winner of 5 Wine Spectator awards for excellence, enjoyed by the President of the United States at a local appearance at Freightliner and frequented by patrons we call friends, both local and out of town, The String Bean is one of those places that we hope sticks with you and brings you back time and time again.